Winter landscapes in Northern Germany
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Winter landscapes in Northern Germany

In meteorology, the beginning of the northern winter is set on December 1st
and includes the months of December, January and February.
The last winters in the northern part of Germany were rather gray-in-gray
and slushy than bitterly cold and with lots of snowfall.

In this exhibition we would like to present the "winter in white" with
associations and memories of skating, sledding and building snowmen.
building snowmen. A warm tea or punch in the parlor lets you forget
winter as a threatening enemy of life that many animals can only survive
by hibernating. A walk, dressed with pom pom hat and scarf, over crunching
snow at frosty temperatures is always a wonderful activity in the cold
season, which gives strength and energy.

With the sharp light of the winter sun, low on the horizon, on the
snow-covered landscape, in the white of the snow flares up a pink, a
violet, an orange or a beige-brown and a light blue. The colorful light
on the snow is reflected by the individual artists to create very different
atmospheric stimuli in their motifs. Besides strong color palettes, this
presentation also presents very tonally painted artworks.
In addition to landscapes of the interior, many paintings are presented
that illustrate the coast or the port.

You will discover impressionistic, expressionistic and realistic landscapes, which were painted in oil or watercolor or realized as woodcuts. Many works
radiate tranquility, because snow, as is well known, muffles the sounds. Besides an almost romantic view of the winter landscape, you will also discover pictures critical of the human treatment of nature, showing smoking chimneys or signs with the inscription "Dumping prohibited ".
The shown artworks were largely created in the first half of the 20th century.

The works presented in this exhibition originate from northern Germany.
They have come, for example, from the Kunstmuseum Schwaan, which is preserving the Schwaan artists' colony and, like Heikendorf, is a member of euroart, the association of the European artists' colonies.

On display are also works from the Museum Eckernförde, from the Museum des Kreises Plön and from the Alexej von Assaulenko-Kulturstiftung in Plön.
Multiple paintings are on loan from the State Library of Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel.

Complementing the presentation are, of course, paintings and graphics from the holdings of the Künstlermuseum Heikendorf, which has dedicated itself to the estate of the artists' colony of Heikendorf.

We would like to thank our colleagues for their numerous support.
Special thanks go to the private lenders.


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